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Autobahn Web Designs: Now serving clients in Abbotsford, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Surrey, Chilliwack, and the rest of the world.

One hour outside of Vancouver, half an hour from Surrey or Chilliwack and just 20 minutes from Langley, you’ll find us in the Fraser Valley city of Abbotsford, right on the edge of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. But hey, you’ll find our clients and our work all over the world.

No matter where you are, we can help you establish or improve your presence on the Internet by providing you with affordable professional services that include:

    • website domain (that’s your website address) registration
    • search engine submission
    • search engine optimization
    • web hosting
    • website maintenance
    • and, of course, web design

You know all about the traditional ways to get your message out. You’ve even managed to corner a nice little piece of your market. You see, however, the potential for more way over there… but you just can’t figure out how to close that gap between where you are now and all that potential business.

Autobahn Web Designs helps you bridge that huge divide between your current local business exposure and the rest of the world.

When you properly establish your presence on the web, you’re no longer restricted to promoting your services, goods or ideas within just a fixed and limited geographical area. Instead, you can send your messages, products and expertise around the world. Right now!

Your vision can come to life in a professional, easy-to-navigate and quickly loading website that will help you, your business, club or church present your services, products and message to the world.

Tell us your vision. We’ll make it click.

Here’s how Autobahn Web Designs helps you reach world-wide visibility:

    • first we design a website for you, your business, club or church
    • then we provide a reliable, powerful and lightning-speed server/host
    • finally, we have a ready-to-serve-you and top-notch technical support team that is dedicated to helping you solve any website problem

Once you’re visible, here’s how we help you develop prominence on the Internet:

    • first we use one of our optimization tools to help you determine where your website’s strengths and weaknesses lie in relation to keyword prominence and placement
    • then we submit your site to several search engines and test for ranking
    • finally, we provide regular or periodic website maintenance where we can check that links are active and upload new graphics or text – you want to keep your website fresh and interesting for both your audience and those oh-so-very-necessary search engines

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